Our company has the necessary facilities in order to provide an optimum quality service to its customers. We have our own space available inside our workshops for parts repair and manufacturing, with all the necessary equipment and machinery required to perform all the different tasks, as well as portable machinery that allow us to work on different locations and be able to provide our services at different ports or on board. 
Our location allow us to access the main Ports in Buenos Aires in a quick way, and we rely on a big pool of qualified technical operators, who can be assigned to the different assignments that show up.

Conveniently located near the Port of Buenos Aires, our workshop has a surface of approximately 2000 m2 and is prepared with all the equipment and machinery necessary to perform repairs of different nature, not only in the workshop itself, but also on the outside, at the ports or onboard.

We can perform jobs in every sea port located between Santos (Brazil) and Ushuaia (Argentina), as well as in every river port between Corumba and Montevideo.

Moreover, a stationary motor generator is installed in the workshop, fully capable of feeding all workshop electric needs in the event of a public supply electric cut off; with this our company can assure that delivery terms will be fulfilled.

At CROMWELL & Cía. we count with the necessary machinery and equipment to attend almost any type of repairs, both in plant and at the ports, amongst others: 


  • Turning up to 1200 mm diameter and 8000 mm long.
  • Horizontal borer up to 3000 kg capacity.
  • Vertical borer up to 1500 kg capacity.
  • Drilling up to 1200 mm long arm.
  • Planing up to 800 mm.
  • MIG , TIG and manual welding SMAW (manual welding) and rebuilding.
  • Bending of pipes, profiles and plates.
  • Hydraulic press up to 100 t with 1100 mm between pillars and 1500 high.
  • Several bench drilling machines.
  • Electro compressors with 8 kg/cm2 and 35 kg/cm2 capacity.
  • Motor compressor with 11 m3/min and 7 kg/cm2.
  • Hydraulic saw up to 300 mm diameter.
  • Hydraulic pumps (manual, electric, pneumatic) and jacks (up to 100 t).
  • Chain blocks (manual, electric and pneumatic) up to 12t. lift capacity.
  • Chemical and steam cleaning equipment.
  • Electric ovens and heat blowers for drying and baking electric motors.
  • Several special devices and equipment for “IN SITU” machining.
  • Hand tools.
  • Torquemeters.
  • Measurement equipment.
  • Non destructive control equipment (ultrasonic and hardness).
  • Bonding control equipment.
  • Electronic cylinder pressure indicator.
  • Motor welding machines.
  • Motor generator.
  • Welding machines.
  • Plasma cutting equipment.
  • Mobile crane 12 and 15 T. capacity.
  • Dynamometer with 100t capacity. Weights and equipment for testing cranes up to 75t.
  • Gantry Cranes 5 T. capacity.
  • Cofferdams 2400x4000x2000 and 2200x3000x2000 (adaptable to rudders of different geometries).

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