CROMWELL & CIA S.A. offers a wide range of naval and ground services. Starting from repair and assembly of different pieces in our workshop, general on board voyage repairs, on deck repair services both a float and dry-deck, different services inside the fields of Mechanics, Electricity, Piping, Cooling Systems, Steel, Carpentry, Boiler Systems, Hydraulics, etc. are included. 

Special services such as Cold Welding, In-Situ Machining and A Float Steel Repairs among others are also offered by the firm. 

Please check our Marine Services, Railway Services and Special Services sections for more detailed information, and do not hesitate in consulting us about any other need you have which is not included in these lists. We are willing to do everything within our power in order to help you…


  • Main and auxiliary diesel engines
  • Gear boxes and coupling.
  • Steam turbines, (propulsion, generating, pumps).
  • Governors
  • Rebabitting and machining of all types of bearings.
  • Pumps service.
  • Hydraulic equipment.
  • Boilers (main and auxiliary)
  • Heat exchangers.
  • Sterntube Line Boring
  • Rudder Carrier / Bearer / Trunk Line Boring.
  • Installation and commissioning of Main Engine & Auxiliaries.


  • Cargo, stores and air conditioned equipment.


  • AC & DC alternators and generator.
  • AC & DC electric motors.
  • Switchboards and electric installations.


  • Mild steel, stainless steel and alloy piping in general.
  • Prefabrication.
  • Certified welding.
  • Mounting.
  • Connection.
  • Flushing.
  • Low, Medium and High pressure hydraulic systems.
  • Diameters of up to 12’’.
  • Technology approved by Rolls Royce.


  • New buildings.
  • Steel structures.
  • Fishing vessels construction.
  • Prefabrication of Steel blocks of up to 40 Tons.
  • Manufacturing of rudders of up to 40 Tons.
  • Manufacturing of Rudder Horns and Rudder Bearers (including machinery) of up to 40 Tons.


  • Carpentry
  • G.R.P. repairs.
  • Engine supplies
  • Non destructive testing.


  • General voyage repairs.
  • Cold welding.
  • In- situ machining.
  • A float steel repairs.
  • Complete overhaul of GE power assemblies, reconstruction of valve seats, gaskets, de-glazing of liners, assy as per builder, pressure test. 
  • Liner rebuilding (all brands). 
  • Laser alignment & remanufacture of crankcases, all makes.
  • Complete Diesel engine assy and repair.
  • New front ends to re-gauged locomotives. Freight.
  • Ride Control- and passenger car truck rebuilding.
  • Complete overhaul of freight cars, sandblasting, boiler work and painting.
  • Technical assistance & repairs to steam locomotive boilers & diesel engines for preservation societies.

Among the services provided by the company, is important to note some of them considered specialties, due either to the experience with which we count in the field, the know-how, or the machinery and technology used to carry out the tasks. These include:

  • General voyage repairs.
  • Cold welding.
  • In- situ machining.
  • A float steel repairs.

The mounting of all the prefabricated pieces mentioned in the Marine Services section a float is considered a true firm’s specialty. Our machinery furthermore allows us to perform tasks a float even underneath the Vessels’ waterline.

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